Those with Physical or Mental Challenges

When physical or mental challenges impair the ability to handle personal affairs, we can be of assistance. We can help with as many or as few financial tasks as you would like.

Major Life Events

When major changes come to your life due to changes in health, death of a loved one, divorce, marriage, or retirement, we can provide support by helping to assess your financial situation and providing information and guidance on how to move forward. Let us help you through the stressful times with a reasoned, objective approach that is often difficult to achieve yourself while going through life-changing events. We can provide bill paying service and, crucially, budgeting assistance to help you understand your new financial situation and create a spending plan to deal with it appropriately.

Families and friends of those with Challenges

When your loved one needs assistance with tasks such as paying bills or creating a spending plan that helps match expenses with income, we can help. Working with you and your family member, we can assist as much or as little as you desire, from simply paying bills or developing a spending plan, to tracking spending and preparing reports so that you can understand the household income and expenses. Contact us to discuss our menu of services and how we can be of assistance to you and your family.

Busy Individuals

If you do not have time to handle your finances in the way you would prefer, HIPPS FINANCIAL PARTNERS, LLC can help. We can perform our financial services at your home or business, or remotely from our offices. It is up to you.

Those Planning or Settling an Estate

Do you need an executor for your estate? Has your loved one passed away without leaving a will? Or have you have been named executor or trustee of an estate, but would appreciate some assistance in carrying out your responsibilities? We can help assure that the estate is handled in a professional manner and all associated tasks are completed as soon as practicable. Contact us early so the estate can be settled expeditiously. Your initial consultation is free.