Turkeys and Clients

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Are you Letting the State Manage your Money (and Body)?
September 25, 2018

November.  The month of Thanksgiving.

While many of us are thinking of holiday feasts of turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce, we at Hipps Financial Partners, LLC are thinking of our customers.

As we serve our clients, they touch our lives in many ways. Our clients become well known to us:  not only their financial life, but often their family, friends and loved ones as well.  We learn of our clients’ struggles, joys, hopes, and yes, the things for which they are thankful.  All these touchpoints with our clients help us to better understand one another and serve them with a more wholistic approach.  Our professional relationships with our clients often feel as much like a ministry as a job.  And for that, we are very thankful all year long.