At Hipps Financial Partners, we offer a variety of daily money management services to help you or your loved one stay on top of finances.

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Bill Paying
Are you tired of late fees, lost bills and the aggravation of writing checks? Let HIPPS FINANCIAL PARTNERS, LLC take over the burden by writing your checks for you. We can visit you in your home to write checks for your signature. Alternatively, we can also pay bills remotely – it is up to you which method we use.
Mail Processing
We can assist with the chore of mail processing, sorting through to dispose of junk mail and handling bills appropriately. This service may be performed at your residence or in our offices.
If you are not sure of your monthly income and expenses, HIPPS FINANCIAL PARTNERS, LLC can help you put together a spending plan based upon your recent spending priorities. This exercise will help you get a handle on where you stand with respect to monthly spending. This service is particularly helpful from individuals who recently lost a spouse to death or divorce, those who are newly married or about to be so, and persons trying to get a handle on the finances. We can help all of these individuals feel better about their spending.
Income & Expense Reporting
We can help with the time-consuming task of tracking your income and expenses, providing reporting customized to your needs.
Insurance Claim Processing
Insurance claims can be a frustration, and we are here to help. We can assist with the filing of new claims or follow-up on existing claims in order to maximize your payout.
Living Trust/Successor Trustee
We are prepared to serve as your trustee or successor trustee for your living trust. You need someone who is dependable and prepared to go the distance to see that your wishes are carried out in a professional and unbiased
Power of Attorney/Attorney-in-Fact
When you need to delegate power of attorney (POA), we can help. We will follow your documented wishes as we provide expert and timely support. The POA document can be crafted to cover any and all combinations of delegations you wish to make.
Estate Administrator/Settlement
If you are looking for someone to diligently settle your estate, we can get the job done. Following your will to the letter, we will see that your intentions are honored and carried out expeditiously and in a manner that honors your wishes. This service can help preserve family relationships long into the future.
Estate Executor/Administrator Assistance
If you have been named the executor or administrator of an estate and don’t have the time and/or inclination to personally carry out all associated responsibilities, we can help. By establishing a contractual executor/administrator relationship, we will become directly engaged in the settlement of the estate. Let us know how much or how little you would like us to help.
Working with Your Team
In all of our work for you, we will happily work with the other professionals who assist you. We will strictly follow your guidance on which attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, tax preparers or other professionals you wish us to work with and provide information. To assure your wishes regarding communication with your professional team is handled per your wishes, HIPPS FINANCIAL PARTNERS, LLC will ask you to designate at the beginning of our business relationship which persons or firms you wish us to work with and in what fashions. Additionally, we will ask how you wish us to interact with your any family or friends with respect to any of your affairs.
Flexible Services & Referrals
Should you have a need arise that has not been a part of our agreed-to contract, we will do our best to either directly meet your need or make a referral to a provide who can. Just let us know how we may be of service.