1What is a Daily Money Manager?
Daily money managers (DMMs) assist clients who are busy or have difficulty managing their own financial matters. Services DMMs can provide include bill paying and check writing, bank account reconciliation, budget preparation, insurance claims work, serving as trustee or successor trustee of living trusts, estate settlement as executor or assistant to the executor, serving as an attorney in fact (power of attorney/POA), and organizing tax records. Clients of HIPPS FINANCIAL PARTNERS, LLC select from our menu of services based upon their individual situations. We may be able to provide other services not listed; just ask and we can discuss your needs.
2If I do not live near the Rockingham County, VA offices of HIPPS FINANCIAL PARTNERS, LLC, can you still help me with bill paying, estate settlement, etc.?
Absolutely, we can help. Whether by electronic means, mail, courier, personal travel or other methods, HIPPS FINANCIAL PARTNERS, LLC can provide services in other geographic areas. Contact us for a discussion about how this can be a great solution for you.
3Will I lose control of my wealth or my independence if I hire HIPPS FINANCIAL PARTNERS, LLC?
No. Our clients retain absolute control of their investments and bank accounts. We help our clients eliminate the stress and frustration of managing their own financial chores. Clients appreciate the freedom of not having to worry about tasks such as paying bills on time, thereby increasing their opportunities to engage in more rewarding pursuits.
4Do the services provided by HIPPS FINANCIAL PARTNERS, LLC eliminate my need to have other legal, investment, tax, or accounting professionals?
HIPPS FINANCIAL PARTNERS, LLC can certainly simplify your financial life, but we do not provide specific legal, investment, tax, or accounting advice. Rather, we work in concert with you and your other professional advisors to assure you receive the best service possible. We can serve as liaison between you and the rest of your professional advisement team.
5Can I hire HIPPS FINANCIAL PARTNERS, LLC to assist my friend or family member?
Certainly. We would be happy to help. Simply contact us to start the conversation on how we can improve the life of your loved one.
6How do you charge for your services?
Following a free initial consultation to agree upon the scope of services to be provided, fees are typically charged on an hourly basis. Some services may be provided at a fixed price agreed upon ahead of time. HIPPS FINANCIAL PARTNERS, LLC will save you time and money by helping you avoid late fees for overdue bills or bank charges for overdrafts.
7Are you insured?
Yes, Hipps Financial Partners, LLC is fully insured.
8What is your privacy policy?
We maintain our client relationships in strictest confidence and will not share information about our clients without their explicit authorization.
9How do I get started with Hipps Financial Partners?
Call us at (540) 421-8083 or email us at info@hippsfinancial.com. We will arrange a free initial consultation during which we can discuss how our services can best meet your needs. We will outline how the services can be provided in accordance with your wishes and, prior to any further work being carried out, will provide a written quote for the services you desire.